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Work Experience

The Austin Company

Manager of Structural Engineering / January 2017 - Present

Responsible for leading the Structural Design Team to successful completion of both design-only and design-build projects. Responsible for maintaining advanced knowledge of structural design fundamentals, analysis techniques, Building Codes, construction support, project design development, and project risk containment.

Adept at Emotional Intelligence, to ensure a healthy and productive Structural Design Team.

Expertise in steel, concrete, masonry, and wood structure design. Expertise in large-occupancy, high-seismic, hurricane-wind, and atypical industrial structure design & construction support. Expertise in large-scale pharmaceutical, aerospace, national defense, automotive, educational, and food-production facilities. Expertise in structure stability and non-linear analysis.

The Austin Company

Structural Designer / June 2008 - December 2016

Responsible for analyzing, designing, and detailing a wide spectrum of building structures & their components per governing Building Codes and industry standards.

Technical expertise with ETABS, SAFE, STAAD, EnerCALC, Excel, RetainPro, VisualBasic programming, Word, Outlook, Revit, and AUTOCAD.

Upward Bound

Instructor / Summer 2006

Instructed accredited High-School level General Physics and Calculus courses for disadvantaged students. Served as an instructor, personal tutor, and mentor for these students to help them realize a college education.

Awarded recognition for dedication and outstanding communication.

M. Sheikh Engineering, NPO

Founder / Established 2021

I always enjoy the innate intrigue which young minds exhibit for the sciences. The purpose of M. Sheikh Engineering is to help guide the great Structural Engineers of tomorrow by providing virtual and in-person seminars to K-12 audiences.

Seminar topics include basic Structural Engineering principles, seismic design, wind design, fundamental structural building materials, computer methods to solve structures, and lessons learned from building failures, among others.

MSE Structure Design

Owner / Established 2013

During the doldrums of the Great Recession, many working entrepreneurs were able to explore their supplemental interests with greater focus. For myself, such opportunity manifested with the creation of MSE Structure Design.

MSE allowed me to pursue my passion for solving structure modiification puzzles in the realm of residential construction. Typical projects included seismic deficiency retrofit, structure additions, structure modifications, and standalone ancillary structures.

Aside from delving in the physics and mathematics of structures which I love, MSE taught me invaluable lessons in business management & operation, risk assessment, business & contract law, marketing, sales, and workflow automation.

Owner & Developer / Established 2018

Programming began as a hobby for me but quickly developed into a passion. I began coding in VisualBasic in 2015, after a colleague introduced me to the Excel VBA environment. Since that time, I have developed sophisticated programs which automate structural design, structural detail generation (AutoCAD VisualBasic API), schedules, project cost-estimates, local folder structure manipulation, PDF manipluation, and e-mail. The theme of every program I create is 'simplicity'.

uStruc is a culmination of my efforts to produce easy-to-use Structural Analysis programs which Engineers across the world can use. uStruc provides streamlined and robust web-based structural analysis programs to anyone interested - students, practicing Structural Engineers, and even the lay public.

uStruc is built on client-side JavaScript and server-side PHP. uStruc is currently under development.

Aside from programming, an important concurrent goal of uStruc is to proliferate advanced Structural Engineering knowledge to the public via quality YouTube videos.


Owner & Developer / Established 2018

Estimating structural scope cost for projects is an important skill which is honed by experienced Structural Engineers. Though estimating does not receive as much fanfare as structural detailing or calculations, it is imperative for the planning and success of any project. For residential projects, finding a straightforward, detailed, and expedient cost-estimate is elusive. The typical process for a Homeowner to recieve an estimate entails days of waiting and numerous interactions with salespersons and potential Contractors.

remodelOwl provides a way for Homeowners to circumvent the current lengthy process and offers clear, low-cost, and comprehensive estimates for a variety of common residential construction projects.

remodelOwl focuses on "structural-heavy" projects such as covered patio additions and room additions, the scope of which fall principally within the realm of the Structural Engineer. remodelOwl is currently under development.


Structural Engineer   California

Civil Engineer   California, Virginia, Colorado

Real Estate Broker   California

LEED AP   National


University of Southern California

Structural Engineering / Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Static and Dynamic Structural Analysis. Nonlinear structural analysis methods. Structural steel, timber, reinforced concrete, and reinforced masonry design.

University still to be selected - planning for 2022 Start

Earthquake Engineering / Master of Science (MSc)

Advanced material structural design. Advanced nonlinear design analysis concepts. Performance Based Design (PBD) design methodologies. Advanced mathematical analysis techniques.


American Society of Civil Engineers

Structural Engineers Association of Southern California

American Institute of Steel Construction

American Concrete Institute

California Association of Realtors


2020 Kajima Innovation Day Speaker

2019 Winter Results Magazine Service Spotlight Article

2017 SEAOC Stipend Recipient

2016 NASCC Stipend Recipient

2016 The Austin Company Quality Assurance Committee

2012 The Austin Company Leadership Development Program

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